Hash Power recommendation

Hash Power is digging and selling. The system recommends the Hash Power that users want to sell in the C2C order and recommends them to those who want to buy according to the market!

  {{ item.currency.symbol }} Hash Power

{{ items.good_name }}

{{ items.good_remark }}

  1. HashPower
    {{ items.number }} {{item.currency.unit }}
    Valid time

    The effective time for mining of the Hash Power. The effective time also includes the paid electricity bill.

    {{ items.start_time }}-{{ items.end_time}}({{ items.offec_time }} Day)
    Price per T per day
    {{ items.price_one }} USDT
    output quantity

    Static value calculated based on current output * Hash Power value * remaining days.

    {{items.total_output }} {{ item.currency.symbol}}
    annualized ROI

    The output rate of return is the static annualized rate of return obtained by multiplying the number of coins produced on the day by the currency price of the day and then subtracting the mining machine and electricity costs

    {{ items.current_income }} %

{{ items.usdt_price }} USDT

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