Hashing power trading platform for mining machines

Real scene of the mine

Company Introduction /About Us

The EQF.com computing power trading platform is based on the actual operation of the mine for the past 5 years. In order to ensure the stable power supply and expansion of the mine, the large mining machine does not need to be repeatedly loaded and unloaded. The cutting power transactions back and forth with customers make complex mine transactions easier, allowing miners to adjust at any time according to market conditions and their actual needs.

Before the new batch of mining machines is installed on the big mining machine, you can reach a consensus with EQF and sign a three-party transaction agreement. The mining farm provides power and storage equipment, and the mining machine provides computing power. Real-time switching and trading on the EQF platform Computing power.

EQF allows all miners to dig and sell, and iterate and adjust according to their own demand for market and computing power. Let miners bid farewell to the previous complicated operation procedures of buying mining machines, finding trusteeship, repairing mining machines, ensuring stability, doing operation and maintenance, selling mining machines when upgrading, and buying new mining machines.

EQF.com computing power trading platform strives to become the most practical and easy-to-use mining computing power trading platform for miners.

Mining machine in operation

Strong current management of independent racks in mines

The expansion of the mine field is completed with the rack and machine position

The location of the mine site after strong and weak current

Mining Water Curtain Cooling System

Mining machine cold and heat isolation exhaust vent

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