Hash Power trading , mining while trading!

Start mining after payment of electricity bill. Mining Cryptocurrency while trading on the fluctuation of the crypto market.


Hash Power Trading

Sell Hash Power when price goes up. Set an automated sell order when price is currently low.

Hash Power mining

Mining while trading. Property right is rewarded after mining.

Trading  Process


Buy Hash Power

Start Mining

Mining while Trading

Comparison between Platforms

Platform Features XXBit BitXX EQF
Property rights rewarded
Set mining timeframe
Designated Mine
Designated Mining Rigs
Change Hash Power for Mining Rigs

Purchase Mining Rigs VS Purchase Hash Power

Comparison content Purchase Mining Rigs Purchase Hash Power
Logistics Require Not require
Transaction Method Complexity with purchase of mining rigs Ease with transferable Hash Power
Warehouse Require Not require
Trading Conditions Deliver after payment Pay and trade
Mining Hosting, collocation and transportation Pay & mine at the same time
Stability 80% of stability 100% stability (except force majeure)
Maintenance fee High maintenance fee No management fee
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